Britain’s Favourite Landmarks

In a recent survey conducted by MSN Travel, fellow British travellers have voted for Britain’s Favourite Landmarks. Amongst some of the famous places selected why not pay them a visit on your next break away?

Peering in at number 24……..

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Whilst staying at the Bay Majestic or the Bay Burlington hotel in Eastbourne, on those long hot days why not pay a visit to the picturesque sea side town of Brighton and visit “Brighton Pier” which was ranked number 24. It is easy to see why this historic iconic landmark, which dates back to Victorian times, is such a popular tourist destination with a multitude of seaside attractions to enjoy.

Bridging the gap at number 21…..

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When staying at the Bay Eden Arms Hotel in Durham just a short drive away is Newcastle upon Tyne and neighbouring Gateshead which is home to number 21 on the list, the “Gateshead-Millennium Bridge”. Just by looking at this magnificent piece of modern structural engineering which is the world’s first and only tilting bridge it’s clear to see why this made the list.

Towering down at number 18…..

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Since its opening to the public in 1894 Blackpool tower has always been a very popular destination. Why not visit it during your next stay to Bay Liberty’s on the Square hotel. Set against the background of Blackpool’s famous amusements and fairground rides its clear to see why this attraction towers over the competition.

Flying in at Angelic number 16…..

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Only a 30 minute drive away from the Bay Eden Arms in Durham you cannot afford to miss this iconic 20 metre tall sculpture of the “Angel of the North”. The British creator of the angel, Anthony Gormley, initially met opposition before constructing the weather resistant steel angel but she has since become a much loved icon of the North proven by the public voting her in at number 16.

Abbey times with number 15…..

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A stay at the Bay Royal Hotel in Whitby is not complete without a trip to Whitby Abbey. Positioned on the headland overlooking the popular seaside town of Whitby, you can enjoy the atmospheric gothic splendour of the Abbey or the stunning views towards the idyllic Yorkshire Coastline.

Pause for fort at number 14….

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With the last formally recognised piece of Wales, Conwy Castle. Just a short drive away from the Bay Marine or the Bay County hotels stands this impressive medieval fortress which offers magnificent views of Snowdonia or alternatively one can “walk the walls” which have 22 turrets.

Big Ben comes in high at number 9….

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Set in the highlands, Ben Nevis towers over the Bay Caledonian Hotel in Fort William. During your stay a scenic walk around the highest mountain in the British Isles is a must. While ascending the 1,340 meters to the summit may be too much for myself, many attempt the Ben Nevis race, a 14km hill race with 1,340 meter ascent.

Pins and Needles with number 8…..

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During your stay on the Isle of Wight at the Bay Royal Esplanade or the Bay Broadway Park, when walking around the beautiful Isle of Wight countryside one of the things that you must see is one of the natural wonders of Southern England “The Needles” which are three large chalk monoliths that rise out of the ocean at the most westerly point of the Isle of Wight. When you lay eyes on the chalk behemoths you can see why they have been nominated as one of the top 10 favourite attractions.

Open the door to number 3……

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Whether staying at the Bay Royal hotel in Weymouth or the Bay Majestic hotel in Eastbourne only half an hour away situated in the beautiful Jurassic coast of Dorset stands “Durdle Door”. This archway made up of limestone that over time has become eroded by the natural elements is a popular tourist destination with its sandy beach and picturesque vistas over the ocean.

Right on “cause” at number 1 …..

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Northern Irelands most popular destination of “The Giants Causeway” is a natural spectacle to behold. Formed around 50 to 60 million years ago from mounds of lava erupting from earths surface causing an estimated 37,000 basalt columns why not pop over on a trip from the Coast and Country Portpatrick Hotel to Ireland for a day and pay them a visit.


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