Environmental Sustainability at Bay Hotels

In these modern times where the average temperate has risen 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit in the last century we are confronted daily with issues across the world concerning Global Warming and Environmental Sustainability highlighting how everyone must play their part in reducing their carbon footprint by becoming more eco friendly.

Here at Bay hotels we as a company are committed to environmental sustainability recognising that everyone has an important role to play. To this end over the last 3 years we have had a major drive to improve our Environmental Sustainability and doing what we can to help reduce our carbon footprint. In this blog post I will highlight some of the latest projects we have embarked on to help reduce our carbon emissions.

Carbon Footprint

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

We have put more focus into training all of our staff on “Environmental Sustainability ” which is now part of our induction training courses and “Sustainable Tourism” is now one of the topics on an annual training calendar.

Moving on from training we looked at our recycling and waste management and by working closely with Biffa, our waste disposal company, we have been able to increase the amount of waste that got recycled since last year with 34% of our total waste now getting recycled. This 34% equated to an increase of 1.6 million litres of waste being diverted from landfills in to recycling plants.

Recycling and Waste Management

Recycling and Waste Management

It is not only our refuse that we recycle but we also have a contract with 3663, one of our main food suppliers, whereby the oil we use in the kitchens currently is collected and recycled through Convert 2 Green. This oil is then used to fuel some of the 3663 fleet that deliver to our hotels.

Looking at some of the hotel projects that have been undertaken there is a new more efficient electrical heating system at the Valley of Rocks, New energy efficient gas boilers at the Eden Arms, New timed heated towel rails and LED lighting have been fitted at a number of hotels helping to reduce our energy output. Since this energy reduction drive consumption has been reduced by 17%.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy Efficient Lighting

It is not just energy that we have been able to reduce as since 2010 by improving awareness across our hotels and updating water controls where possible we have lowered our water consumption by nearly 8%

Lower Water Consumption

Lower Water Consumption

Moving further into 2013 we are continuing to improve these projects but also taking on some new ones as we have already installed more than 200 bedrooms with new LED lighting and have over 400 more planned and its only April. Also new heating systems in various hotels will be installed to help decrease their energy output.

All of the benefits implemented above have helped us achieve a much better energy efficiency score in the governments CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) league tables where we now stand at 303 out of 2097 submissions against the 926 we previously scored. This means that our actual Carbon Dioxide emissions decreased by 14.7%, which was a whopping 2,869 Tonnes all of which helps us to with our ongoing environmental sustainability mission.

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