Torbay Hotel Refurbishment Project Part 2

With the vast majority of the hotel refurbishment complete here at the Torbay hotel with only a few pictures left to put up we have been around again and got some more photographs to share with you all.

We feel that the Hotel refurbishment work that has been undertaken over the 2 weeks has made a vast improvement to the look and feel of the room creating a much more modern, contemporary, light and airy feel to the rooms. This was phase 1 of a 2 part refurbishment project covering 12 rooms being renovated to the new specification of bedroom and bathroom decor which will be complete by the end of this week.

Some of the work that goes into a hotel refurbishment of a room and bathroom means completely gutting the rooms as you can see down to the bare minimum from removing furniture to the carpets, tiles, curtains and bathroom units. From then the contractors are able to do the necessary plumbing and electrical work needed before any structural works are carried out (as in 417’s bathroom). Following the hard renovations they start work on the soft furnishing with the paining, laying of new carpets, installing the new furniture and lighting etc finishing with the pictures, curtains, appliances and amenities. After all this is complete and the housekeeping staff have put the finishing touches to the room it is ready for you to move in and enjoy your comfortable stay.


 Day 8 308
 Day 8 Room 308 Day 8 Room 308
 Day 11 308
 Day 11 Room 308  Day 11 Room 308
 Day 14 308
 Room 308  Room 308
 Room 308  Room View
 Day 8 417
 Room 417  Room 417
  Day 11 417
 Day 11 Room 417  Day 11 Room 417
  Day 14 417
  Room 417   Room 417
  Room 417   Room 417

As we start looking ahead, over the coming months there are another 19 hotels with 256 rooms that are going to be refurbished as well as some public areas and a ballroom so ther will be a lot to look forward to over the coming months!

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