Sounds of Weekends

New for 2013 is our Sounds of Weekends. With these breaks not only do we feature headline acts on Friday and Saturday nights performing different songs from a range of eras, but you also get comfortable accommodation, full traditional cooked breakfast and /or continental breakfast and in the evening you will be treated to a three course evening meal before the star act performs.

Tina Turner Tribute Act as part of our Sounds Of Weekends

The 60s

Started with JFK being elected at President of the US, Elvis hit the UK music scene. Doctor Who was first seen on Television in 1963, followed shortly after with Thunderbirds in 1965 and the Beatles making it big time. 1966 saw England win the world cup. Dads Army was setup in 1968 and man landed on the moon in 1969 along with Concorde taking off.

The 70s

Saw the Beatles split and go their own ways.  In 1970 a farmer turned a field into Glastonbury Music Festival. As for toys the Sindy doll entered with a makeover and the card game Uno started.  Glam Rock started with stars like Sweet, Garry Glitter, T-Rex, David Bowie and Slade. In 1974 Lego was finally named Toy Of The Year. During 1976 Starsky and Hutch were first seen on Television along with TISWAS and not forgetting Grease in the cinemas.

The 80s

Saw John Lennon got shot, and the Rubik’s Cube was shown at Toy Fairs all around the world. The 80s also saw New Romantics on the music scene. As for films in 1982 we could watch ET and in 1983 Michael Jackson released thriller with a 15 minute long music video to accompany it starting Zombies and Werewolves.  In 1985 we could all catch a glimpse of Back to the Future and on Television watch the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles.

Acts performing at Bay Torbay Hotel:

8th / 9th March
Soul and Motown with Paul Sylvester and The Dreamettes

5th / 6th April
The 60s with Maxine Mazumder as Dusty Springfield and The Mersey Echoes

3rd / 4th May
The 70s with Karin Bello as Tina Turner and The Tribute Abba Show

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Acts performing at Bay Majestic Bournemouth Hotel:

22nd / 23rd February
Soul and Motown with VJK Soul and Motown Party and Souljoy a Soul and Motown show

15th / 16th March
The 60s with Adam Carter as Elvis and The Mersey Echoes

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Acts performing at Bay Royal Whitby Hotel

1st / 2nd March
The 70s with Karin Bello as Tina Turner and The Bootleg Bee Gees

22nd / 23rd March
The 80s with Debbie Farrell as Whitney Houston and Atomic Blondie

12th / 13th April
Soul and Motown with VJK Soul and Motown Party and Souljoy Soul and Motown Show

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Acts performing at Bay County Hotel

22nd / 23rd February
The 60s with The Two Beatles and Good Vibrations

5th / 6th April
The Stars with Paul Sylvester as Nat King Cole and Adam Carter as Elvis

26th / 27th April
The 70s with Debbie Farrell as Whitney Houston and The Bootleg Bee Gees

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