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Environmental Sustainability at Bay Hotels

Recycling and Waste Management

In these modern times where the average temperate has risen 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit in the last century we are confronted daily with issues across the world concerning Global Warming and Environmental Sustainability highlighting how everyone must play their part in reducing their carbon footprint by becoming more eco friendly. Here at Bay hotels we as a company are committed to environmental sustainability recognising that everyone has an important role to play. To this end over [...]


Torbay Hotel Refurbishment Project Part 2

Room 308

With the vast majority of the hotel refurbishment complete here at the Torbay hotel with only a few pictures left to put up we have been around again and got some more photographs to share with you all. We feel that the Hotel refurbishment work that has been undertaken over the 2 weeks has made a vast improvement to the look and feel of the room creating a much more modern, contemporary, light and airy [...]


Torbay Hotel Refurbishment Project Part 1

Room 417

Here at Bay hotels we are constantly looking to move forward and listen to what you, our guests, are saying. With this in mind we have been undertaking an extensive refurbishment projects across a number of our hotels already this year including the Bay Glenburn, Bay St Ives, Bay Esplanade, Bay Beresford, Bay Valley of Rocks and the Bay Dilkhusa Grand totalling 84 rooms being refurbished already and that was just in January. As the [...]


January Refurbishment Projects

Example of Refurbished Standard Room

During the month of January we have been busy maintaining our hotels as part of our ongoing commitment to improving our facilities and giving guests the best experience possible. One of those items that makes your short break more enjoyable is your room. In January we have put a lot of work into our refurbishment projects including guests rooms at a number of hotels…